The problem with blogging tips to make money blogging online is that you can find all kinds of people writing about this subject, and a lot of them don’t make any money at all. Are you taking advice from the wrong people? In this article, I’ll share with you some proven blogging tips to make money blogging online.

Tip #1: Don’t blog for money

What? Don’t blog for money? But that was the whole point, wasn’t it?

Yes, and no… If your purpose only is to make money, you’re likely to get disappointed. Income seldom shows up over night. It takes time to build an empire, and you should enjoy every moment of it.

So ask yourself, what other purpose could you have to blog? Could it be for fun? To express yourself? To share your knowledge with others? Or just to help others about a topic, you’ve learned about the hard way?

These are all great purposes, because your readers will not come to your blog to give you money. They will go there to get something from you. That could be either entertainment or knowledge.

Tip #2: Have fun blogging

One of the secrets behind a successful blog is persistence. You have to keep adding new content to it all the time, or to create new blogs around other niche topics.

In either way, you will probably be blogging for a few hours per week, so you’d better make it fun to do so, and not some harsh duty.

How do you do that?

By choosing a topic you like.

Tip #3: Address your reader directly

Write like you talk. Forget about long, intellectual sentences. Your reader wants information fast and easy. And just like Norm in the sit com “Cheers,” your reader wants to be special and go to a place, “where everybody knows your name.”

You obtain that effect by addressing him directly with the word “you.”

Have an ideal reader in your mind, while you’re writing. You can go as far as imagining how he looks, how old he is, what he likes to do, whether or not he has kids, etc. The more you know about your ideal reader, the better your message will come through.

Those are proven blogging tips to make money blogging online.


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